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About Us

Ever Green Agricultural Contractors is one of the most leading companies in the field of Landscape and maintenance greenery. The company was founded in 2000 to its owner, Eng. Sherif Fayez and a group of professional engineers, agricultural administrators and agricultural employment at the highest level of competence and experience....... More

Hard Landscape

In addition to skip hard final touches and distinguished career in the areas of various systems for lighting pots of different sizes and raw materials.....More




The supplyofvarious types of palm trees, different types, sizes of ornamental plants; as well as the different types of agricultural instruments and pesticides for the following corporations, Hotels, Resorts & Tourism Villages ..... More




Through an elite group of skilful and experienced engineers throughout the use of the latest developed of computer software’s......More


Irrigation Systems Supply and Implementation


Irrigation Systems Supply and Implementation to the following areas....More